Sunday, April 08, 2007

I wanted to share your [website A] message with [another website A member], but there is no way to forward!

This is an excerpt i stole from an email i sent to a good friend of mine who, i really hope, doesn't mind receiving my raving, seemingly unprovoked, rants!

"... On a separate note, let me ask, how do you like [social networking site A]? I really like it. I think it's a thousand times better then [social networking site B] but it still drives me nuts! I wanted to share the info that you gave me in your [social networking site A] message with [another member of social networking site A], but there is no way to forward!

Not only do i have to open my email, and then follow a link, and then sign into [social networking site A] just to read the damn message, but then i need to copy and paste it to forward it to someone?! and i can't send to multiple recipients through [social networking site A] so i need to come back to my email!

It's so dumb! They are trying to drive traffic to their site by providing services that enhances social communication on the Internet and that's great ... but for the love of crap, [social networking site A], don't try to force me to use your site _instead_ of email, when you could integrate with the original social networking tool, that we all, already rely on and have relied on since the early 90's!!!

When someone messages me and you want to notify me via email, SEND ME THE FUCKING MESSAGE BODY TOO!!! I will still visit your site and see your bloody ads while i use the services and features that go above and beyond email, and actually _require_ your system! but whenever you can, for fuck sakes, TRY TO MAKE MY EXISTING TOOLS BETTER, don't fucking try to cripple them!!!

... ok, sorry, i just had to get that out...

it's kinda related to some of the stuff we (a few friends of mine) are working on. We might be trying to [do something] around fixing the lack of integration between social sites. I'm pretty excited about it! I've been thinking about this for a long time, even before i realized all my friends were using [social networking site B] and how terrible [social networking site B] is. Now that everyone seems to be jumping onto [social networking site A], and i'm forced to use their tools in the way they intended, i'm even more motivated to fix some of this stuff."

... and for anyone who had the patience to read this i thank you. some small part of the burden of my rage has now been passed along to you and has lightened the load i carry. I'm really glad the Internet doesn't ever mind receiving my raving, seemingly unprovoked, rants!

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